Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Put a stop to the Dare Democrats/Warren Judge ugly campaign tactics, and tell Commissioner Warren Judge it's time for him to retire.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Beaufort Observer Chides Warren Judge

The Beaufort Observer

September 29, 2016
Warren Judge
An Open Letter to Warren Judge

Mr. Judge. We write asking you why you have not already repudiated the disgusting mailers that the N. C. Families First has sent out against your opponent, Beverly Boswell? While you should have already done so, we respectfully ask you to do it now.

Families First is nothing more than a Democrat hatchet outfit. It does not itself have any room to criticize others for making "mistakes" given that it has failed to follow the campaign reporting laws and some of its principals have a rather nefarious record in campaign finance themselves.

The bad check charges they allege against Ms. Boswell were more than two decades ago. They happened while she was a struggling single mom. She paid them all off and has an exemplary record since then.

By her background, Ms. Boswell is an example of so many hard working people in House District 6 who have on occasions fallen on hard times. Thus, she understands what that is like. Now, to be criticized for that is despicable. You should be commending her for what she has accomplished in her personal life.

We note that the mailers do not speak to substantive issues affecting our district. Beverly Boswell had nothing to do with Duke's coal ash spill and she has never cast a vote on fracking that we know of. We have plenty of issues in District 6 that you and she should be debating, not the least of which is our dismal economy. We call upon you and your campaign to face those issues and show us your record in addressing the issues that you feel are most important to our district.

Sir, many of us are fed up with "politics as usual" coming from special interest groups like Families First. But the only way to stop this dirty politics is for honorable candidates to oppose the slim such as we are seeing from this group. We ask that you step up and do the right thing. Disavow these mailers and ask the group to stay out of House District 6 with such sleaze. Do you really want to get elected this way?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

EyeonDare - Coming Back Home


EyeonDare is back.  There is too much going on in Dare County, 6th District, State and National politics that needs to be laid out in such a way voters can choose without being subjected to the bias media, poor local reporting, and distasteful backroom politics.  Please check this site often, and thanks for the support over the past 6 years.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Goodbye Friends


EyeonDare will be closing out this blog in the next few days.  Thanks to everyone who has supported the blog for the past six years.  With over 1,600 blog posts and over 7,600 reader comments, page views reached over 1,100,000.  It's time to rest.  Best wishes to everyone who has supported the site and contributed in so many ways.  And, may God Bless Dare County.


Friday, April 22, 2016

Outer Banks Catch Pulls Away from Seafood Festival


The  5th Annual Outer Banks Seafood Festival, scheduled to be held on October 15th, has lost one of its original sponsors and a major supporter.  In a letter, dated April 15th, the Outer Banks Catch organization says it will no longer participate in the event.

"We are not going away mad, we're just going to other opportunities that don't conflict with our mission," wrote Sandy Semans Ross, executive director.  However, other parts of Ross 's letter, addressed to the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce, the Outer Banks Tourism Authority and copied to the Dare County Restaurant Association hinted of a strong conflict between the local fishermen and restaurants, who have participated in prior events.

In the letter, Ross said that, "the public is being 'misled' by festival officials who say that 'local seafood is the fare of the day' at the event...and they allow the majority of the seafood served to come from out of the area, with "a very large majority being foreign imports". The event has not lived up to the festival's original mission, or the mission of the Outer Banks Catch, added Ross.

The Outer Banks Catch was organized in 2010 as a marketing program established by the Dare County Commission for Working Watermen. It was designed to promote and educate
consumers about the advantages of requesting locally caught seafood and to preserve the local commercial fishing heritage. It was placed under the auspices of Dare County government as a "county initiative," and initially funded through a $150,000 grant from the Golden Leaf Foundation. In addition, the county provided funding and manpower to help it and the annual seafood festival get up and running.

However last year, Dare County government broke all official ties with the seafood festival, and it is currently being managed by the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce.

How much affect the withdrawal of the Outer Banks Catch organization may have on the future success of the festival is yet to be determined. Ross wrote, "in contracting to produce the event, the Chamber is in the unenviable position of putting together the event while not ending up in hot water with some of its own membership".

Ross closed her letter by saying, "if the festival should decide it is worth serving the very seafood it purports to celebrate, we would be glad to help your vendors make contact with local fish dealers to insure they have adequate product for the event."

A full copy of the letter can be found on the NC Waterman United Face Book page.